Our Services

Our Services can always be customised based on your needs. Some of what we offer includes:

Computer Repair

Computer repairs include all kinds of repairs whether software, hardware and motherboard repairs for all kinds of laptops and other computers. Contact us about any issue you have and we can send our expert techncian for help.

Hardware Replacement

Whether you want to replace or upgrade your computer's internal components like Hard Disk Drives etc. or it is changing the case for your computer, look no further. We have decades of experience working with computers.

Data Recovery

We understand the sensitivity of your data and how important it is for you. We help with all kinds of data recoveries including liquid damaged devices, phones, damaged or dead hard disk drives, SD Cards and flash storage drives also.

Software Update and Restore

Our software updates and restore service includes updating, restoring, reinstalling software while keeping your data safe, BIOS firmware flashing and firmware lock removal for all Apple and Windows devices supported.

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About iFixeditt

For a decade now, we have been accepting challenges and helping our clients all over Sydney, Australia. From Hardware Repairs to Software Fixes, Remote Support to On Site support, we have really enjoyed taking initiatives to get our clients through all those obstacles they faced with the technology. iFixeditt is about anything IT. You name it and we are here to help.

Why Choose Us

Quick Diagnostics

We believe that Time is money so our diagnostics never go beyond 1 hour or we refund.

On Site Repair

You may have a heavy device or number of devices you use for work, We save you the hassle as we fix them on site.

Fair Price Guarantee

You will get a fair price for the repairs and we will fix in 1 hour if no part replacements needed.

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